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by Kévin MORLET
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09:07 am January 21, 2015

hi guys ,

I' m a french software seller, and i'd like to pass PSM1, that will surely help me in the dialogue with my team of developpers )

To begin , i've seen that there were also a CSM certification , which seems to be more "superficial"
So , can you tell me teh difference between these two certifications . Is it better to pass both , start with CSM.?

By the way , i allow myself another question , what do you think about web site test like "testtaker.."? Do you know other webisite like this?

Thanks for you help


10:59 am January 21, 2015


CSM is supported by
PSM 1 & PSM 2 is supported to you by

For CSM, you must have a 2 days course before you take the exam.
For PSM 1 & 2, taking courses is not mandatory but still a good idea.

PS: Plus d'info en français si tu préfères me contacter directement.

11:25 am January 21, 2015

Thanks Olivier .

Ok, your answer confirm my idea.
I'll take the way to PSM1. I did not plan the budget for 2 days course (approx 1500€ i think) . i don't say that not a good thing , by the contrary i think it must be a very good exercice,

Now , i have to do my best to suceed in PSM.


ps : oui merci , il se pourrait que je te "dérange " si vraiment je suis coincé :)
Et au passage beau curriculum, tu sembles faire parti des experts agile en France, il en faut.