PSM1 Exam Takeaways & PSM2 Revision

Last post 03:59 pm January 21, 2015
by Derek Waterworth
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01:30 pm January 21, 2015

Just passed the PSM1 course with a score of 68/80 (85%). Used the following for self-study revision:
*Read the scum guide every day for 2 weeks
*Over a three week period completed 3 Open Assessments (Scrum and Developer) per day until I was comfortably completing within 5 minutes and scoring 100%
*Read forum threads around exam questions
*Additional research on burn up/down graphs on Wikipedia & other scrum resources found through Google

I must admit, I found the exam harder than expected and I think its because I operate under a very structured Prince2 methodology at my place of work. I wanted to learn more about Scrum with a view of using it as a framework for some projects going forward.

I'm keen to press on and obtain my Level 2. I noticed there are very few threads around this. Could someone with experience of completing the exam provide some guidance please in terms of revision aids. I'm hesitant based on the $500 exam fee. Thanks in advance,

02:12 pm January 21, 2015


Can you please help me with the following clarifications:
1. Approx. how many questions from Scrum Open - SM and Dev comes in the real test ?
2. Did you go thru any other book.
3. Do you mug up the Scrum guide ?


03:59 pm January 21, 2015


1.) ~10 from the Scrum Master Open Assessment, 1-2 from the Developer Assessment
2.) No other books were read
3.) Scrum guide religiously read every day for a couple of weeks