PSM I scope and Open Assessment help

Last post 04:12 am January 30, 2015
by Anonymous
04:12 am January 30, 2015


Reading through many of the posts on the forum regarding the above I have some thoughts:

Open Assessment
- Do not be mislead by scoring there 100%. You just simply memoraized more or less 30 questions. slightly better understanding scrum.
- I constantly get there almost the same set of questions from which you get several, and all the questions are 80
- many commented that the questions are much simpler than real exam. so it is also misleading. Personally I do not understand it - the level should be similar otherwise it gives you false assumption that you are ready for exam

PSM I scope
- the exam confirms BASIC knowledge of scrum
- the description of scope is pretty general, there dobuts if it has burndows or not
- the books mantioned in there might not help much either, for example Agile Retrospectives is rather how to practically conduct the meetings, PeopleWare is a psychology book
- reading multiple times the Scrum Guide as many commented brings us again to memoraize it which might be
important where you refer to exact wording for questions especially for non natives. You might be asked endless list of tricky questions based on the text, but it is pretty stupid thing to do.
- Scrum Guide it is not 100% coherent with itself or might be understood so,
- many people indicate that practise in scrum is required to take the exam - it is nowhere stated on
- How it might help write better software I do not get