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by John Pluto
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07:39 am February 3, 2015

Trust level among distributed team members improves when scrum practices are integrated in DSD. What is your opinion?

04:56 pm February 6, 2015

What does 'DSD' stand for? Myself & others may be able to help you better if we first understand the question.

The biggest increase in trust for distributed teams has been after face to face meetings with other team members and starting to form a bond that must be built the old fashioned way.

From the Agile Manifesto - The most efficient and effective method of
conveying information to and within a development
team is face-to-face conversation.

02:01 am February 7, 2015

Do you mean "DSDM'?

Please enlighten why (or how) you think trust increases in distributed teams integrating DSDM development practices within a Scrum framework.

Trust between 2 or more parties is about communication, sharing, commitment, delivering to those commitments, etc. etc. Waterfall or agile, if 2 or more parties, are engaged in open, honest, frequent communication and delivering to each's commitments, the trust level should increase - and vice versa.