Scrum Studio "Terms of Use" Agreement

Last post 06:26 am February 4, 2015
by Ian Mitchell
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04:32 am February 4, 2015

Please can include the Scrum Studio "Terms of Use" Agreement as a resource on the site. It's in "Software in 30 Days".

NB could someone please reply to this thread with the terms, as I need them but don't have a copy of the book to hand.

06:26 am February 4, 2015

I got a copy:


1. Every project will adhere to scrum processes and its principles of empiricism, bottom-up intelligence, and self-organization.
2. Every project will have a Scrum Development Team with a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and no more than nine developers.
3. The Scrum Master must be experienced in managing Scrum projects. To the extent that he or she is not, the person will accept guidance from Studio Scrum coaches.
4. The Product Owner will actively work with the team to formulate requirements, inspect work, inspect increments, and empirically adapt in order to optimize project value and achieve its vision or purpose. This is a hands-on role.
5. The Scrum (development) Team will consist of software developers with all the skills needed to create an increment of potentially usable functionality, based on the Product Owner's requirements.
6. Throughout the project, previous reporting relationships will be held in abeyance.
7. Each increment will conform to the Scrum definitions of "transparent" and "complete."
8. The Scrum Team will use modern engineering practices and tools provided by the Studio and will receive training in how to use them if necessary.
9. The project will conform to the standards of the organization and to the policies, procedures, and standards of the Studio.
10. To the greatest extent possible, the Scrum Team will be collocated within the Studio. The members will work full time on the project.
11. The Scrum Team will take advantage of the Studio's metrics to assist it in managing its work.
12. The Scrum Team members will participate in adding to the Studio's body of knowledge based on their experiences in working on the project.

I agree to the Terms of Use set forth above.

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