How to improve Coaching & Facilitating skills?

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by Joshua Partogi
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04:51 am February 6, 2015


Unfortunately I have failed the PSM I assessment (83.8%). My weakest area is Coaching & Facilitating. I would like to ask you for your suggestions on how to improve the knowleadge about this section (besides the SCRUM guide and the open assessment).

Scrum Famework: 82.5%
Scrum Theory and Principles: 90.0%
Cross-functional, self organizing Teams: 85.7%
Coaching & Facilitation: 66.7%

Thank you all in advance,

11:45 am February 6, 2015


See here:…
See books under "Coaching and Facilitation"

10:40 am February 8, 2015

Coach lots of Scrum teams and ask them: "Am I improving your life as a software developer?".