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by Eshan Baranwal
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12:55 pm February 8, 2015

I studied the Scrum guide, the Scrum handbook, Scrum glossary, the book "Scrum and XP from the Trenches, the book "Agile Development, did take an official scrummaster course, several times the open assessment (100%), a test assessment with 80 guestions (12 wrong answers). Last but not least did the PSM1 exame and.. did not pass (16 wrong answers). Several question were quite unexpected. I found out that a lot of questions also can be found in the open assessment for practitioners. But this knowledge is not to be found in the earlier mentioned and adviced study material for PSM1. What can i do now to pass next time? Please advise.

06:14 am February 10, 2015

I doubt it's "pass as many times as you like", though am not sure (haven't found any reference to this or to the contrary)

08:00 pm July 7, 2015

Hello Oscar.

I reviwed a Simulated Exams for PSM I and wrote an article about my opinion.
It really can help you to get more prepared for passing on PSM I.

Here is the link:

I hope you enjoy it.
Hugs and Peace.

11:47 am July 8, 2015

Hey Oscar, sorry to hear that you couldn't pass the exam however i got a question for you. Do you just want to pass the exam or want to earn strong groundings in scrum framework and its methodologies??

If it's second one then read scrum guide thoroughly, take 1 page a day and try to understand every single term. Scrum guide is key along with all three open assessments. I'll also recommend to go through other posts, queries asked in this forum. you will learn more and so confidence will go up. no need to waste money on buying question banks. and in this way you will definitely pass with big numbers.

If its first one then lots of pages in forum are asking to buy this or that study material .. you can go for them.

Scrum Guide itself says Scrum is difficult to master but that doesn't mean impossible to master! :-)

All the Best.

Scrum on.