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Scrum Practitioner Open - righ answers

Last post 07:23 am February 13, 2015 by Joy Kelsey
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09:11 pm February 9, 2015

I did the "Scrum Practitioner Open" free assessment several times but I cant reach 100% correct answers. I dont know which questions I am making mistakes as far the system doesnt show the results like it does in "Scrum Open" and "Scrum Developer Open" free assessment.
Where can I get the rigth answers of "Scrum Practitioner Open"?

09:17 am February 10, 2015

Hello Humberto,

Thank you for your interest in Scrum and Unlike the Scrum Open Assessment, the Scrum Practitioner Open is not so much a learning tool as it is an assessment of practical knowledge and experience regarding the application of Scrum framework.

While our other Open Assessments require users to log in, the Scrum Practitioner Open is available to the public, regardless of whether or not they have a member account. This is because we want to make it more accessible to anyone who wishes to gauge their abilities. However, because of this more user-friendly setup, we are unable to provide the same level of feedback as we do on our other Open Assessments. We provide detailed feedback with specific questions and answers on the Scrum Open Assessment to help people grow their knowledge of Scrum, but the Scrum Practitioner Open is intended to be taken by individuals who already have a working knowledge of Scrum, and have already been working with the framework.

The Scrum Practitioner open is a free tool designed to help individuals assess their skill to productively participate in a Scrum Team that is developing increments of software. It was created to help individuals to think about and consider some of the topics and concepts raised in the assessment. It is not an assessment as to whether an individual has memorized the contents of the Scrum Guide. The Scrum Practitioner Open is not intended as a preparation test for individuals attempting to pass one of our professional-level assessments for certification.

Many individuals have reached out to us already, expressing that they've found this free, open assessment to be helpful in identifying and raising some additional Scrum-related topics and areas for consideration (such as Scaling Scrum, which is a challenge often faced today by real-world Scrum practitioners). You may feel free to take this assessment along with some of the other members on your Scrum Team as a group, and allow the questions and topics posed to surface some collaboration, group-thinking, discussion, and hopefully some learning insights as well.

I hope we were able to address your inquiry. Thank you again, and enjoy your day.

10:31 am February 10, 2015

I have done the Open Assessment several dozen times. Out of the pool of questions there were 3 or 4 gnarly ones that I found troublesome. To score 100% consistently I had to keep a grid of my selected options and work by a process of elimination. This meant taking the test enough times so that the difficult questions were repeated in the randomized selection, and which allowed me to empirically test (and thus narrow) the probabilities of which answers were "right" or "wrong".

This was a surprisingly useful process to go through. By the time I actually identified what the correct answers were, I felt I had developed a better understanding of Scrum scaling issues, and the reasoning behind the choices which the assessment expects.

10:34 am February 10, 2015

NB in the above I was referring to the Scrum Practitioner Open assessment, not the Scrum Open Assessment.

07:23 am February 13, 2015

Hi Ian, you make me feel much better now I was starting to feel that my over ten years working/training/mentoring on scrum teams was wasted.. phew - I will follow your suggestions so that I can see what areas I need to delve into to learn more about

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