Number of attempts for PSM I

Last post 09:09 am February 10, 2015
by Anonymous
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06:36 am February 10, 2015


How many attempts are allowed when I purchase a PSM I assessment? I've seen it mentioned that the number of attempts are unlimited, but this doesn't really make sense to me. In such a way, I could just keep trying and trying until I pass?

09:09 am February 10, 2015

Hello Vladimir,

Each password is good for one attempt only at our professional-level assessments, so we recommend you do as much as you can to prepare before starting an assessment session. You can find good study tips on the following page:

If you are unable to achieve a passing score on your first attempt, you are welcome to purchase another password. However, we would suggest that you refer to the subject areas score breakdown (bar graph) that was provided once you concluded the assessment and also in the email you were sent after the completion of your assessment. This bar graph displays how well you scored in each of the subject areas assessed on the assessment. We encourage you to then navigate to and review the PSM I Subject Areas page available on our website at the following link:…

We hope you found this information helpful!