What are the differences between the open assessment and the PSM-I assessment?

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by Zeki Karaca
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10:25 am February 21, 2015


I'm doing the PSM open assessments and, in the last 3 exams, have one or two fails only. So, I think I can do the PSM-I assessment and pass it but I can't stop thinking in the difference of the questions between the open assessment and the real assessment. Can anybody help me to decide if I'm prepared to pass the assessment?

Thanks in advance.

03:29 pm February 23, 2015


I always do the open assessment and take about 100%. I did the PSM I and didn't pass, i got 77,5%.

I thought that the diference are the questions that you need to set more than one answer, in the test it occur so many times than the open assessment. Questions like 'at your first sprint, what the scrum master need to do' makes me confuse because i didn't know how to choise 2 options, i just cound see one right question.

I'm studying at the forum to take the test again, and make the enough points to pass.

Sorry for my english, i'm from brasil ....

11:01 am February 25, 2015

I’d recommend to do the test as many times as you can. You should have a consistent score of 100%. Also make sure you can pass the open assessment in under 10 minutes. Some of the open assessment questions will return in the PSM-I, so if you can pass the open with 100% under 10 minutes that will save you time and you don’t want to fail the PSM-I with 83% by a wrong answer that was also in the open.

For the open assessment, don’t just memorize the good answers. Also make sure you understand why the wrong answers are wrong. Read this forum. Make sure you could have answered the posted question or at least understand the answers.

The PSM-I is harder than the open assessment and you have less time per question. It will test your knowledge how to apply Scrum. The open assessment is a learning tool, the PSM-I is the real thing.
Also try the other open assessments if you feel confident.

See also the study tips at:

Good luck!

04:42 am March 2, 2015

There are apparently questions on the PSM1 exam which are not even covered by the Study Guide or Open Assessments. This is frustrating when preparing for the exam.