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by Jasper Alblas
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10:39 am March 10, 2015


i'm attending to the extra scrum classes and i've got some homework.

And my next task is:

" The client agreed that the user stories you prepared (in pre vious task) meet his requirements for MVP and your estimation. (1 month) is acceptable for him (in terms of his limited budget). Unfortunately. in the process your client constantly adds new, unplanned features which ca use the risk that you won’t meet the deadline. What would you do in such a situation? "

So budget is limited, i can't spend more on resources. What would you do in that case? Is it possible to meet with new customer needs while meeting the deadling and due to his limited budget. So it is possible to somehow finish this project?

Or my answer to this question should be just: I'm really sorry but we only can do, what we agreed at begining, unless u just give us a bigger budget?

I'm a little confused and i'm wondering what should i do in that case if i were ever a project manager.

And another question from me: I'm using Kenneth S. Rubin book for study, is it a good book for starting with Scrum?

01:48 pm March 10, 2015

I would tell him that those additional features can be added to the backlog and prioritized against what else is in the backlog and it will get worked in priority order.

I would also tell the client that the 1 month sprint is like a bucket - only a certain amount of work can fit into the bucket. If he would like to change priorities, then something currently in the bucket would need to be removed to make way for the new item.

03:02 am March 12, 2015

What Tim says.

And if the bucket is nicely prioritized, it's most likely the items lowest on the Sprint Backlog will not get done, because of the added work.