Feedback & Tips on PSM I

Last post 03:58 pm March 22, 2015
by Anonymous
03:58 pm March 22, 2015

I just passed the PSM I exam with a score of 95%. I would like to thank the contributors of this forum and people who have posted their feedback.

To be honest, when I started preparing for the exam, I thought it would be a piece of cake as I have significant work experience in practicing Scrum. But when I went through various practice exams and questions posted on the forum, I realized it is not going to be that easy.

You definitely have to understand each and every line of the Scrum guide. Read it again and again till you are sure you understand the Scrum principles as prescribed in this guide.

I bought the following practice exam and found it useful in further strengthening understanding of Scrum guide.

I also bought the following practice book:

I also read the SBOK from:

You have to be careful with this one. This is to augment your understanding of Scrum, but always treat Scrum guide as the official reference in case there is conflict in the information.

The exam was as per my expectations. There were definitely some trick questions where your knowledge and understanding of Scrum is really tested. But there are some easy ones as well. As everybody else has mentioned on this forum, do the open assessments multiple times until you get 100% each time. There are a few questions repeated from this in real exam.

The time is more than enough as long as you have a solid understanding of concepts.

One thing that I found a bit unexpected was the number of questions related to multiple scrum teams working on the same product. You must make sure you understand how scrum is implemented in such environments.

There are many experts on this forum more knowledgeable than myself. But if anybody has a question on exam preparation, I will try to help.