Agile for Prod Fix

Last post 04:35 pm February 10, 2016
by Andrzej Zińczuk
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08:28 pm March 23, 2015

Any one tried to apply Agile for prod fixes.
Once priority is decided it becomes easy to be implement Agile in a way.
Any experience or any deadlock faced.?

08:43 pm March 23, 2015

I believe there are a couple of options -

1. For prod fixes you cannot wait for 2-3 weeks, you have to shorten your sprint cycle so that all critical fixes can be deployed on production within a week or less.

2. You can setup a separate team for fixing the prod issues as and when required, Scrum is not required for it.

3. Based upon the historical data you can keep a buffer of X% in your sprint for prod fixes.

4. Low priority issues can be part of normal sprint cycle.

Also it depends on the way you have setup. You can be working in a mix mode i.e. new code development along with prod issue or just prod issues no new development. The latter is easier to manage.


04:35 pm February 10, 2016

What would be the goal in such case? I heard once, Jeff Sutherland I think mentioned it, the goal for operational team could e.q. improve the element in process of supporting customers - not solve some particular issues. In simply words, focus on how to deal with fixes in most efficient way as goal - like 10% of capacity, rest treat as something which you cannot plan (fixes, operational tasks etc) - 90% of capacity