Master thesis: Agile vs TPM, benefits and challenges of adopting Agile Project Management, Short survey

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by Asuka Belly
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11:30 am April 2, 2015

My name is Ahmet Zejnulahu, I am a master student at Chalmers University of Technology and Northumbria University in International Project Management. I am currently conducting my master thesis and sending out a survey to people with knowledge and experience within Traditional Project Management and Agile Project Management to gather data that can help me answer my research questions. Would you be so kind to help me by answering my survey?

The survey is completely anonymous and consists of 13 ’tick box’ questions. It should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

I am studying the topic, Agile vs TPM, benefits and challenges of adopting Agile Project Management. With this research I intend to:

Examine the main differences between the Traditional and Agile approaches

Examine similiarities and differences among the two most popular methodologies in both respectives, namely PRINCE2 and SCRUM.

Examine the benefits and challenges that project managers faces when implementing Agile methods.

The link to the survey:…

Thank you!

06:55 am July 4, 2018

I like way you define benefits of you short survey, recently i did read agile methodology. In this article, i do learn some of the good reasons, why we should use agile project management methodology.