How do you handle "partial" releases?

Last post 02:26 pm April 10, 2015
by Ian Mitchell
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10:15 am April 10, 2015


Hope someone can help. Not so much a Scrum question as a SDLC question.

How do you go about doing a partial release.

This is the scenario.

Client gives us 5 items to work on. We complete all 5 but 1 gets rejected. The client now wants us to release the 4 items that have passed QA but not the 1 that failed.

Is there a best practice or best procedure to follow here? Doing a branch per issue is going to become a mission to manage.

Any thoughts and advice please.


02:26 pm April 10, 2015

Assuming the 4 items are genuinely complete, what is stopping the client from releasing an increment of the value that has accumulated? If the client is looking to you to "do" something, it suggests that at least some work remains undone.

In Scrum a Product Owner should be in a position to release an increment of work that meets the Definition of Done where there is value in doing so.