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Last post 01:09 am September 20, 2015
by Jim Palmer
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01:42 pm May 5, 2015

Having practiced Lean and Agile for some years, I needed a tool to help me manage meeting cadence when coaching and leading Scrum teams. I am a big visuals guy, coming from my days with Toyota, and extolling the virtues of Kanban and other visual techniques. I'm also a huge proponent of KISS. aka Simple is best.

After playing with some ideas I came up with this.

Rather than try and explain it, I've dropped the PDF files that show how this works at the following link. Don't seem to be able to upload anything here.…

I hope others find this helpful, and I welcome any comments.

Why do we even need this I hear some folks already saying, well because teams are not great at sticking to meetings, and I find this is a great visual prompt stuck in the same area as your task board, burn down chart, or other artifacts.

I print it 11x17 (A3) and then laminate it to make it long lasting, and to allow the use of dry erase markers.

This layout is of course for a 2 week/10 day Sprint. Easy to modify for other durations, but I'd warrant it'd get messy on 30 day Sprints, which is probably why the favored duration is 1 to 2 weeks :)

01:09 am September 20, 2015

I'm a big fan of information radiators. This is not a bad idea... I think some teams may find this useful. Most of my teams use their company email/calendar to keep the meetings on. But, again, additional information out and visible is always a good thing. I definitely like the posting of the Sprint Goal and the Definition of Done.