Passed PSM I at the first try

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05:26 am May 9, 2015

Firstly, thanks everyone in the forum. I have got so much help and information of the test from your experience.

Before I took the PSM I test, I tried the Open test of Scrum Master and Scrum Master Developer for many times. And I always answered the questions 100% correctly. But I can only answer 30% - 40% questions correctly in the Open Scrum Master Practitioner test. As a result, I lost some scores for the Scrum Master Practitioner questions.

So my experience is that we need to take all the three open tests and make sure we can answer all the questions in PSM and PSMD because we can check the answers after the test. I do not know the correct answer of the Practitioner questions since I can only get a score after the test. So please just try your best to get a higher score in the Practitioner test before you take the PSM I test.

I plan to work on PSM II. How should I prepare for it? Are there any books or videos or tests which can help me to prepare for it? Thanks.

03:36 am June 1, 2015