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10:24 am May 15, 2015

Hi all

Am new to this world of PSM certification. Was wandering do I need to go through all the 15 suggested books in 5 different sections before sitting for the PSM exam or can I pick up one book from each group to gain some good understanding before sitting for the certification?

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05:17 am June 1, 2015


Best Wishes for your exam preparation. There are infact many feedbacks from colleagues on this forums you can find about this topic, however, I can refer you to my experience as well, perhaps this may be of some help:

Regarding your question, reading as much as possible is indeed very helpful but not required if you have experience in working in SCRUM teams and you are witnessed to SCRUM events, participated in SCRUM products.

Only mandatory reading: The SCRUM Guide. do download and read multiple times at low pace , underlining each word and understanding the same. Try to rephase your own understanding on each section if you like.

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