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Please explain me some questions!

Last post 04:06 am May 20, 2015 by Bui Minh Truong
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10:46 am May 17, 2015

Dear Sirs,

Even I got PSM I, but I am still like beginner of Scrum Framework. So, please forgive me if I ask some very "newbie" questions.

Actually, I got this list question on the internet:…

And I tried to answer it, I got 80% correct answers but there are 20 questions I got wrong answers. So could you please explain me?

I understand in this question list " Agile leader" = "Scrum Master", Customer + Product Owner. Am I wrong?
My wrong answers : 2, 5, 7, 15, 21, 26, 29, 49, 53, 54, 58, 60

Here are my questions, please teach me! Thank you in advance.

1. Who manages project budget?
2. Who create business processes diagrams?
3. Who monitors the realisation of benefits in the business case?
3. When a new requirement emerges, who assess for importance?
4. Who control of Scrum project progress? When project ends?
5. Why this statement is fales: " A scrum team is self-organizing, with each member having the same technical skills"?
6. Why "During an iteration (sprint) (timebox) the developers should be able to contact the customer to clarify aspects of the work"? I remembered Customer (in this term, product onwer) only appears on Scrum event day.
"7. Why ""An independent facilitator will manage the structure of a facilitated workshop but not
input to the content"" in stead of Product owner?"
8. Why "Tracking project issues in an Agile project is the primary responsibility of the Scrum Master?
9. Which of the following is a characteristic of a Scrum Master: process oriented or supportive (not both)?

Best regards,

01:32 pm May 18, 2015

1. Scrum doesn't specifically talk about the budget
2. Is a business process diagram needed? I would say the team/Product Owner would decide if one was needed and if so, that work would be prioritized in the backlog respectively.
3. The Product Owner is accountable for realizing value
4. The team is in control of how much they deliver & when. The Product Owner is accountable for ordering the backlog, to try and maximize value. Scrum doesn't specifically state about when to end a 'project'. I imagine it 'ends' once enough value has been realized and another 'project' that has more value to be realized is deemed more important.
5. The scrum team should be cross functional, with different skill sets, being able to take an idea to 'done'.
6. To clarify things as they go, to decrease the feedback loop and to ensure the right thing is being built. Better to do that upfront/as you go, rather than after you have built something, because then the cost of change is exceedingly high.
7. Not sure what you're asking here. My assumption is that you are basically asking 'what is having a neutral facilitator important?' I assume that to be a scrum master. As they can stay objective, help the team navigate conflict and they always have 'the teams' best interests at heart. The product owner should be heavily focused on the product, the team on the quality and the scrum master should help each of them understand that and work harmoniously together.
8. I disagree with this, it sounds like a company policy, rather than something scrum prescribes. However, tracking improvements that need to be made or impediments that need to get removed highlights this to the whole team and keeps it on focus, so that it can be achieved.
9. I would say they are more focused on process (they are a Scrum Master after all). But they are extremely supportive and encouraging to the team.

Hope some of that helps.

02:11 pm May 19, 2015

The author of these questions is D J Tudor, who I'll gamble is Dorothy Tudor of the DSDM Consortium. It looks like these questions relate to an "agile foundations certificate" as opposed to a Scrum qualification.

Questions 7 and 8 would make sense in DSDM, but rather less so in Scrum.

04:06 am May 20, 2015

Thank you Tim an Ian!

It's very kind of you. I understand a little bit more.

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