PSM I Certification Exam.

Last post 07:55 pm July 7, 2015
by Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
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05:00 am May 28, 2015

I read the Scrum guide completely and succeeded on scrum Open assessment 3 times.
1st time 26 , 2nd time 28 and 3rd time 29 got corrected out of 30 questions . So can i go for PSM 1 certification?
Or still need to read any documents...

10:32 am May 29, 2015

Don't forget that the real exam is 80 questions within 60 minutes, so more training is worth!

05:44 pm May 29, 2015

It is recommended to perform several consecutive time 100% good answer before going ahead.

07:55 pm July 7, 2015

Anjana, if you are not feeling confident to do the Exam, try to do more simulated exams like this one:

I hope you enjoy it.
Hugs and Peace.