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Who can be a scrum master?

Last post 03:41 am June 2, 2015 by HEMANT JOSHI
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01:35 am June 1, 2015

Who can be a scrum master? I believe, someone from development team should be a scrum master. A person from certification team is not an ideal candidate to be a scrum master. Is this correct? I read couple articles and they have mentioned same.

Please suggest, this will help us for scrum implementation in our team.

03:41 am June 2, 2015

Hi Milind,

In my view, one must reflect to the role of a Scrum Master in any organisation. You may want to see this role independent of technical skills and certifications for a moment.
Please refer the SCRUM Guide about the role of a Scrum Master towards the Dev Team, towards the PO and towards the Organisation. Anyone who has the ability , passion and supporting skills to deliver this role may be considered. And who knows perhaps you already have such a person in your team already :)

Please do not build any impressions or perceptions about certification holders or technical skills holders. Also, like the experts on this forum always say: Scrum is about building from experience, from mistakes. Everyone needs learning and learning is always by doing!