PSM II and Preparation

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09:08 am June 4, 2015

Dear Ian,

I need your guidance over PSM II preparation.

I aim to write this exam in next few weeks. I have not Zeroed in on any date yet.

As I shared with our fellow Scrum Practitioner on the forum on this same topic that I am revising everything over again what I did during PSM I. as well as I am reading recommended books, various blogs etc.

Also, i am rehearsing to follow you about how you write responses on posts , by giving reasoning behind each possible answer. I like that a lot and i like to learn this from you.

However, somehow there remains always a feeling of unpreparedness in mind esp. regarding subjective questions. because no where i find any sample or example of such questions and I have no clue how long should an answer be for such questions. are spelling mistakes excused? which is a best way to compile a subjective answer for this exam?

I am sure some SCRUM wisdom shared by you will only be an exceptional help to all of us aspirants on this forum.

Best Regards,


06:00 am June 14, 2015

I had raised a question related to PSM-II. You might find the information useful. You can find it here:

06:20 am June 16, 2015

Dear Pankaj,

I cannot thank you enough for this help. Much sincerely appreciated my friend.

Wish you too All The Best for this exam.