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Last post 03:54 am June 8, 2015
by Pasquale Sada
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03:51 am June 8, 2015

Hi all,

I have created a quick spreadsheet, accessible here:…

The document is meant to help product owners to manage the planning of the product features and to help team to track their progress.

The Sections are:

1. Project Sheet: in this section are hosted all the information about the product to rise awareness of the team. the Product owner should try to give to the team a deep knowledge of the project domain.

2. Story Map: this section is a tool for the product owner to order user stories: each feature is groped in themes and has a spot in the backbone, walking skeleton or optional for the product(i.e. for a e-commerce buying a product is part of the backbone, a shopping cart is part of the walking skeleton, taking credit card an optional)

3. Backlog: here are all the features of the product with the relative acceptance criteria and story points. Beside that there are columns to track progress at backlog level: there is a column for each sprint with two spot, L for the work still left and C for the chance. The product owner should update each section at the end of each sprint writing how much of each story is done and if there are new story to be developed. One problem here is that if you order the product backlog with a priority from top to bottom, the things could get messy. Any advice to improve this area is welcomed.

4. Release planning: Crossing data from story map and backlog here is possible to plan where each story will be developed. There is also a useful chart to understand how much of the work is completed each sprint and how many new story are added.

5. Sprint backlog: Simple as that, a sprint backlog with a burn-down chart. I have not added any acceptance criteria here to keep information at the minimum.

My idea is to turn this document in a lightweight but still comprehensive agile tool, useful for small-mid size teams. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

03:54 am June 8, 2015