The Role of an Agile Quality Management in Scrum

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by Lena Zhukova
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07:36 am June 8, 2015


i am currently working on my bachelor thesis with the topic: "The Role of an Agile Quality Management in Scrum". The main focus of my work lies on the interaction between Quality Management and Development as well as the integration of an Agile Quality Management in the daily business of a Scrum initiative.

Background of my research is the ongoing struggle my company has with the compatibility of the new roles and responsibilities to the old, existing QM structures, mainly caused by the lack of guidlines and information given by the Scrum framework. The task is therefore to find principles that define the interface between Quality Management and the development department and to identify potential quality issues that occur during the new-implementation of Scrum and in daily business.

Specifically, the following questions occur:

- How should a Quality Management be integrated in Scrum?
- What are tasks/responsibilities etc.?
- What needs to be changed or modified especially when Scrum is introduced for the first time?


- Does Scrum need a Quality Management at all?

In order to get answers to these questions and an insight of how other companies deal with Quality Management in Scrum, i created a online survey. Answering the questionnaire will take about 15 minutes and i would be very thankful if you took the time to participate. Participation is of course both voluntarily and anonymously.

The following link will get you to the questionnaire:

Thank you for your help and i'm looking forward to interesting results!

Kind regards,
Florian Zok

03:59 pm July 3, 2015
04:26 pm November 21, 2019

@Florian Zok. I am interested in the results of your work. Does it possible to share? Thanks :)