Passed PSM-I today. My Opinions and tips.

Last post 03:56 pm June 13, 2015
by Anonymous
03:56 pm June 13, 2015

I completed PSM-I certification today. I passed this exam <90% marks bcz of below reasons:

1: some times page loading consumed more than a minute which will irritate you.
2: this exam has a key <b>"Save & Finish" <b> enabled the moment you see 80th question. and if by mistake you clicked it, you are done with assessment.
3: Design of exam application is not upto the required level.

why click of this key doesn't ask confirmation from examinee? i was left with ~30 mins and while moving to bookmarked questions, unfortunately my mouse got clicked on this dangerous "Save & Finish" and i was done.

I request Scrum Organization to please add a alert to confirm submission as it wouldn't cost you anything but certainly will improve our satisfaction
post this assessment. i had bookmarked some 10 questions to take at end. :(

About the assessment:

to be honest questions were standard in exam. just by reading various docs and blogs you can somehow clear the exam but to pass it with confidence you need to practice scrum theory a lot and think in same mode as a scrum practitioner do.

close to 15 questions were from Open assessments. every open assessment is mandatory. questions are there from every open assessment.

About Preparation:

1: Well it took 2 months for me to study the scrum guide thoroughly and understand every concept it says. post that tried all three open assessments.
made sure i understand every question and later was able to complete in <5 mins with 100% score. i practiced all open assessments at least 10 times.
Scrum guide only will build strong groundings for you.

2: i also went through Managment plaza doc "Scrum training manual" . it has some content issues like "Sprint backlog is fixed and doesn't change during sprint". i kept scrum guide in mind and validated such topics. questions at end are good except 1-2 which are not correct.

3: i had bought scrumstar question bank. i found it very simple and little useful. it doesn't have anything out of scrum guide. i was expecting it to have at least few questions about burndown charts, scaling scrums and scrum of scrums but left disappointed, could have saved my 10$.

4: went through various discussions in forum and understood underlying concepts. big thanks to Ian,Michael,Ludwig, charles and all other contributors.

i could have scored more but happy with my preparation had for this exam. PSD is next on list.

Eshan Baranwal