Sprint Planning Clarifications

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01:25 am July 1, 2015

Sprint Planning is timeboxed.

Does that mean that the length of the sprint the team works is decided even before reviewing and finalizing the sprint backlog items? In other words, it means that the team decided the sprint length before hand and only accepts work it can do in that time and not the other way round like for eg. If the very first requirement or PBI is that of a registration module, and can be finished in a week, then they decide that they reduce the sprint duration and accept as a weekly sprint.

Also can one sprint and the next sprint change in length as the Dev Team wishes.

07:36 am July 2, 2015

Dear Raja,
here, we shall try to remember the essence of SCRUM approach. Production of a complete, measurable and fully tested applicable product is wished by each Scrum organisation. In order to achieve this, it is important to maintain a framework and a sustainable, mutually agreed pace to achieve velocity.
Imagine a car manufacturing plant, the conveyor belt brings all the parts in sequence at an agreed and justified pace giving sufficient time to the robot or the engineer to work on his part of the process. If the speed of the conveyor increase or decrease often, the process will not remain efficient and the engineer at line will always remain confused , leading to decrease in their interest and subsequently the efficiency.
This doesnt mean, it cannot be ever changed! The work should get started in agreed sprint duration and during sprint retrospective a decision should be taken up for the subsequent sprint basis the feedback received by the team.