allowed material during PSM I assessment

Last post 10:28 am July 16, 2015
by Khamaal Edwards
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06:24 am July 3, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm currently preparing for the PSM I assessment. Why type of help is allowed during the exam? This means (assuming I have enough time) would it be allowed for me to check the scrum guide during the exam?

Thank you for your help,

10:16 am July 15, 2015


I think this is an HONOR SYSTEM.

The assessments are not merely tests of knowledge, but assessments of understanding.

You can check anything but that will waste you time.

10:28 am July 16, 2015

The exam questions are based on understanding of scrum, not so much the details found in the Guide. Rarely will you be able to just search the guide, or Google, for the questions. Nor would you have the time. I recently passed the PSM (96%)and PSPO (89%) and will prepare tips based on my studying.