sub projects or separate project?

Last post 12:49 am July 7, 2015
by Ian Mitchell
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09:44 pm July 3, 2015

Hi *,

Im new to scrum but I want to try it in a current project.
I would like to do a simple approach
1. have my product backlog with all user story/feature requests/bugs
2. each 2 weeks take the most important x tasks, start the sprint and focus on that tasks and deliver.

my question is
The project is big and consists of multiple teams and building blocks
the different components are relatively independent from each other.
So that component XYZ can be released and has no or very small impact on other components

What makes more sense?
- to have one big project with some subsystems/subprojects
but this would mean to run multiple sprints at the same time, which feels somehow weird


- to split this project completly and run many(15+) "standalone" projects
which feels more right, becasue the components are so independent from each other

but here I fear, to lose the total overview
each time to merge all project activities to get complete picture
not having evrything in one backlog
explaining the people/stakeholders where and how to submit their user storys, because now its 15 projects and not one anymore

any sugesntions, how big projects could be handled?

12:49 am July 7, 2015

A Scrum Team must be able to provide an end-of-Sprint increment that is "feature complete". The work must be of value to the Product Owner and should be potentially releasable.

Teams and backlogs of work are best organized on that basis. Organizing production differently (such as by component) can make it harder to plan, integrate, and release feature-complete increments.