Earning all of Level I certifications in 30 days

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by Claudio Capuzzo
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10:52 pm July 23, 2015

I've about 3 years of Scrum experience.
By chance, a story about Ken and Scrum has come to my attention.

I think it time to verify my knowledge of Scrum. (maybe ScrumBut or ScrumNot)

My journey began on June 30.
I join the community and download Scrum Guides.
Buy several books from Amazon, including:
1. Software in 30 Days by Ken Schwaber
2. A Pocket Guide (Best Practice) by Gunter Verheyen *3 (2 copies for my friends)
3. Essential Scrum by Kenneth S. Rubin

On July 5, I passed PSM 1. (88.8%)

Based on PSM 1 and years of technical background, I just studied a few articles online and attempted PSD 1 assessment.
1. PSD Glossary: https://www.scrum.org/Resources/PSD-Glossary
2. Scrum’s practices about Application Life Management https://www.scrum.org/Forums/aft/1512

My strategy is very simple and only suitable for developers.
PSD1 = PSM1 + Development skills and knowledge

On July 12, I passed PSD1. (93.8%)

The similar strategy is applied to PSPO1:
PSPO1 = PSM1 + Business knowledge
My preparing materials including:
1. The study tips of Charles Bradley http://www.scrumcrazy.com/PSPO1
2. EBMgt Guide http://www.ebmgt.org/portals/agilitypath/Documents/EBMgt_Guide_v1_CWT.p…
3. Read serials of User Stories paper by Mike Cohn. https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com

On July 23, I passed PSPO1 (92.5%)

These are my strategy to earning all of Level I Professional Scrum certifications in 30 days.

I’m glad to meet you here.

Thanks to everybody’s input that help me a lot and excuse me for my poor English.

07:23 pm July 29, 2015

Ching-Pei -- glad my tips helped! Congrats!

07:24 pm July 29, 2015

I should also mention, just in case it's not obvious, that Ching-Pei was able to accomplish this because he has quite a bit of experience in the topics at hand. Experience matters quite a lot!

08:59 am July 31, 2015

Just wanted to thank Ching-Pei,
By following his suggestions I was able in ten days to pass psm and pspo, indeed prior experience is a must in order to pass them easily.
Too bad scrum.org doesn't offer a small discount for taking the PSD certification after PSM and PSPO...

08:29 pm July 31, 2015


I'm looking forward to see a topic about "Earning all of Level I certifications in 15 days" posted by your.

04:44 am August 3, 2015

Unfortunately I will not, I am not going to take the PSD: I have to pay a rent ;)

Other than that I believe that the time required to pass the certs is mainly based on priori experience I can imagine someone that has 10+ years of scrum experience passing them in a single day.