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by Ching-Pei Li
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12:21 am July 24, 2015

I need some help in understanding user stories. Would request my member friends to help me get answers to the below queries.

a. Who writes the User story , the customer or the Product Owner or the Dev Team members ?

b. Are User story and PBI one and the same. In other words, Can one user story split into multiple PBI's?

c. When is the User story and PBI written / identified. Is is during the sprint planning meeting or even before that. ?

d. Can the user story or the PBI should be written compulsorily in hand or is it just in principle and can be managed digitally.

e Is there any specific way of writing user story?

f. How is a user story broken down to PBI's and PBI's further broken down to Sprint Backlog item's. Can anyone provide me with a real time examples to understand it better.


08:56 am July 25, 2015

Scrum does not specify the format of PBIs.
User stories are a convenient format for expressing the desired business value for PBIs. So that, PBIs are often written as User stories.

a. PO oversees the grooming of the product backlog, which includes creating, refining, estimating, and prioritizing PBIs. PO does not personally perform all of the grooming work. For example, Development team may do the story writing tasks, however, PO is ultimately accountable for final decision of PBIs.

b. As mentioned above, User stories are a convenient format for PBIs. A large store, or epic, is a PBI with rough concept. A small story means it is detailed. As we get closer to working on a larger PBI written as a larger story or epic, we will break the large story down into a collection of smaller, sprint ready stories.

c. This should happen in a just-in-time, on-going fashion.

d. Scrum does not specify the format of PBIs. Just keep in mind, they must visible for everyone involved.

e. Scrum does not specify the format.

f. Smae as answer c. Scrum does not specify when that grooming should happen; it only indicates it needs to happen.

09:19 am July 25, 2015

Scrum does not specify when grooming needs to happen. There are various times when grooming might be performed:

-- Initial grooming
Initial grooming occurs as part of release planning. This could be after requirements gathering activities.

-- Ongoing grooming:

1. During product development, PO meets with the stakeholders at any time make sense to perform ongoing grooming.

2. PO might schedule either weekly on once-a-sprint grooming workshop during sprint execution.

3. DT might prefer to spread out the grooming across the sprint. For example, they take a bit of time after their daily scrum to do some incremental grooming. The grooming is part of the daily planning.

-- Sprint review:
During Sprint review, as everyone involved gains a better understanding, new PBIs are often created or existing PBIs are reprioritized, or deleted.