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SoS and Technical SoS

Last post 09:23 am August 11, 2015 by Jitesh Dineschandra
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12:07 pm August 8, 2015

Are these meeting required daily?

11:15 am August 10, 2015

I guess you talk about the Scrum of Scrums.
This is not part of the framework but a so called "complementary practice", so there is no requirement for it.
The teams can do it as they see fit.
I have never heard of a "technical SoS". For me it sounds as if in the "usual SoS" there are no developers, which is bad because they should be there.
If you send the Product Owners to the SoS, risk emerges that they slip into the role of a traditional project manager managing the teams.

11:32 am August 10, 2015

Agree with Ludwig. (Well said Ludwig!)

Sunil, you might want to check out this article:…

Said another way, the original purpose of the SoS was for technical coordination purposes! So, that other "non technical SoS" isn't really a Scrum related practice at all.

11:35 am August 10, 2015

As Ludwig mentions, this isn't officially a part of the framework.

However, Dev Team(s) can choose when to coordinate on activities, and how.

Historically, also known as "meta scrum" more information available here --

Jeff Sutherland's 2001 article here --…

Here's one with Charles Bradley PST) putting it together --…

12:51 pm August 10, 2015

The purpose of the Daily Scrum is to allow the Scrum Team to refocus their efforts on the Sprint Goal and the release of a Done increment.

At scale, multiple teams will be involved in the creation, integration, and potential release of at least one increment. A Scrum of Scrums may therefore be needed that spans multiple teams, in addition to the Daily Scrums held by each individual team. In both cases the focus ought to be on achieving the Sprint Goal and enabling a corresponding release. An SoS should be held often enough to facilitate this effort with minimal rework or other waste.

It therefore makes very little sense to separate a Scrum of Scrums into technical and non-technical matters. You wouldn't do that for a Daily Scrum, and there is no reason to hobble a Scrum of Scrums in such a manner either. Technical collaboration between teams and team members should occur as and when needed.

06:26 am August 11, 2015

Posted By Charles Bradley on 10 Aug 2015 11:32 AM
Agree with Ludwig. (Well said Ludwig!)

Thank you Charles :-)

09:23 am August 11, 2015

Agree with Ian.

To add, SoS may be required depending on the scale of the SCRUM practice - the number of teams, whether they are co-located or not etc. and the means and extent of communication tools they have at their disposal (video, telephone, email, face-to-face, messaging etc). For example communication between teams which are co-located on the same floor next to each other flows naturally through face-to-face communication removing the need for a SoS meeting. Scale it to 5 teams regionally dispersed and the flow of communication deteriorates and noise becomes apparent increasing the need of a more frequent SoS meeting to co-ordinate and align work and remove any impediments to achieve the sprint goal and collectively ship the product increment. The attendees of the SoS are elected ambassadors from each team, technical or non-technical, and some by invite depending on the context of the co-ordination efforts at that point in time.


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