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Agile Metrics

Last post 11:14 am August 10, 2015 by Nitin Khanna
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12:23 pm August 8, 2015

Key Agile Metrics

Sprint Goals - Commitment Slippage, Velocity
Sprint Planning - Requirement Volatility # of stories, Daily Burn-down
Quality - Defect Density, # of defects, Phase Containment, Test Execution Effectiveness Defect Removal Efficiency, Build Pass vs. Failed

11:14 am August 10, 2015

Hi Sushil,

I admire your recent enthusiasm and posting to the forum. Allow me to share my thoughts....

I personally like principle 7 -- "working software it the primary measure of progress"
On another note, Scrum no longer (officially) uses "commitment" -- instead, the word is forecast.

Velocity is also not a part of Scrum anymore. I've worked with Teams that use it, as well as a Team that didn't and did quite well.

If you're open to elaborating what you wrote, with examples or a narrative, I'm sure there will be a lot of curiosity, along with great dialogue!