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To be a Certified Scrum Master or to be a Qualified Scrum Master?

Last post 08:43 pm September 18, 2015 by Ching-Pei Li
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12:18 am August 26, 2015

What does a Qualified Scrum Master mean?
What does a Certified Scrum Master mean?
A Certified Scrum Master is certainly a Qualified Scrum Master?
A Non-certified Scrum Master is inevitable to be a Non-qualified Scrum Master?

What do you think about the different between a Qualified Scrum Master and a Certified Scrum Master?

When you deliver coaching service to your customers, to be a Certified Scrum Master or to be a Qualified Scrum Master, which one will you teach the attendants?

Yes, it’s a broad question and any input will be greatly appreciated.

03:36 am August 27, 2015

I go for the qualified.
You don't have to be certified to be qualified.
You don't even have to be qualified to be certified - the assessment can check knowledge but not communication skills.
So for me what counts is not a badge, and not a number of years you have been a mediocre Scrum Master.
It is the success you had helping teams to improve and the lessons you learned from failure.

05:03 pm September 15, 2015

Seems like there should be a successful project showcase for Scrum teams.

Developers can showcase their Git profiles
Product Owners and Scrum Masters are left with LinkedIn having team members provide feedback for their work on the project.

12:52 pm September 17, 2015

A little late to the thread, but allow me to share some thoughts.....

I just wrapped up a Coaching engagement with a company introducing Scrum. When Coaching Executives, it was important for me to educate or mentor where needed as well as facilitate or simply listen as required.

A few people asked for guidance on continued education and certifications, whereas others simply wanted to understand the depths of Scrum.

I would work toward identifying and shaping a robust or qualified Scrum Master where possible. Having worked with a Scrum Master years ago who wasn't certified, I still respect and admire the skills she had. She didn't need to be certified, but still chose to get formal training at a later stage.

Certifications will certainly supplement and reinforce certain concepts. The journey can be enjoyable as well.

09:28 am September 18, 2015

A certified Scrum Master will ensure you have the theoretical knowledge.
A qualified Scrum Master will ensure you have experience.

There is no direct correlation between the two. A person could be un-certified and un-qualified but still super agile servant SM in his/her personality and make a terrific job.

And vice versa.

I think a great SM must have "it". This means the overall belief that every person has value and have a desire to accomplish and develop. A humility attitude and no need of shine and compete. A good SM should be self confident to stand up and drive, etc.
This is something deep into a persons personality and despite of how certified or qualified some one will be, it will never make up for a great SM.

08:43 pm September 18, 2015

Posted By Nitin Khanna on 17 Sep 2015 12:52 PM
Certifications will certainly supplement and reinforce certain concepts. The journey can be enjoyable as well.


Certifications are also valuable learning paths.
I always use Certifications to justify my knowledge from my own experiences.
It could shorten the gap between the ground experiences and well trained knowledge.

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