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How do I begin?

Last post 10:09 am October 16, 2015 by AXEL AIKPA
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08:33 am September 1, 2015

Hi to all !
I read a lot on this forum and lot information are very helpful!

I have a question :

I was involved in project management in France but not as a project manager. I would like to upgrade and have a better position.

Now i live in Netherlands and I'm really interested in scrum mindset.

I already begin open assessments (scrum open + product owner open) and got 100% a couple of times

But i have doubts...I wonder if i have to begin with PSM or PSPO training. It looks like all is needed but all is not affordable for me.

I plan to attempt to a training course but is there an order in the learning steps (first PSM and PSPO in second) or it does no matter?

(I'm a beginner, never work with scrum or agile and I'm not english native).

Thanks for your advice

02:06 pm September 1, 2015

Hi Axel,

you're really interested in Scrum mindset but, as you stated, you have no experience with Scrum.

I will suggest to start with PSM to be sure to have a good understanding of the Scrum framework and maybe looking for an opportunity to do some experience in a Scrum team.

I strongly believe that to be a good Product Owner, one needs really to understand deeply the Scrum framework.

05:43 pm September 1, 2015

thank you for your answer Amodiovalerio.

You confirm what I though : PSPO is above PSM.

But do you think that a scrum team, nor a PO would have faith in a SM beginner?
I understood that the PO can refer to the SM in case of help needed, but who help the SM?

Sorry I maybe ask stupid question but I need to do the right choice.

Thanks again

01:22 pm September 2, 2015

I will not consider PSPO 'above' PSM, they're just about two different roles.

In my opinion, while a PSM doesn't need to have the same knowledge about product and business as a PSPO, a PSPO need to have at least a good knowledge of the Scrum framework.

The choice is up to you and probably it's a personal one ... I'm a PO with experience, and I choose to get PSM first because I feel the need to better understand the whole framework and not just my role.

BTW: If I'm not wrong, you cannot became a PSPO trainer without PSM, but you can became a PSM trainer without PSPO

08:32 am September 3, 2015

thank you very much for those information ; I didn't know that.
It's more clear for me now.

let's go!!

Have a nice day and thank for your help, at least you took the time to answer (80 views, one answer..)


04:54 am September 4, 2015

I did a scrum training and learned a lot from reading Jeff Sutherland's book on scrum, but in the end the most important experience is on the job in practice. Whilst every Scrum implementation differs and you won't learn the theory from (a single) actual situation, it's still the best way to see the theory in use and the effect of the different tools/methods Scrum hands you.

08:35 am September 4, 2015

Posted By Niels Dimmers on 04 Sep 2015 04:54 AM
in the end the most important experience is on the job in practice.

Could I say:
Muscle Memory over Braindump!

08:39 am October 8, 2015

the thing is that : to have an experience without certification is quiet hard..Company want candidate who knows already...
I attempt the assessment and i got 78.8%...

01:36 pm October 8, 2015

Hi Axel,

A Scrum training is a good thing. However, if it is not affordable, you can learn all required topics yourself to get the certification.

I agree, PSM is the base. Other certifications require additional knowledge in other areas. So, it is worth to start with the PSM I assessment.

There are lot of advice on the forum how to prepare. You can check the following topics:

You can try my quiz that is very similar to the real assessment to be sure you are prepared well:

10:09 am October 16, 2015

Hi Mikhail Lapshin

thank you for all your advices and your tips.

I passed PSM I !
I have now to find a job, this is the step 2 and i will do everything to reach it.

Thanks to this forum that was very helpful


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