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How to implement Scrum in my Project

Last post 12:19 am October 16, 2015 by Sanjay Saini
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08:02 am September 21, 2015


i've been working on very big mobile app which will serve the video content to the million users. and this the reason company decided to outsource the entire project (For the best outcomes). having said that this is a big project and its involve top management team and multiple outsource team.

each team working on different aspect of project to achieve its primary goal.

I will describe the how many team involve in this project and what their current role in this project.

1) One Business Head - holding the authorities of all approvals. (In-House)- he reporting CEO
2) Digital Team: One Head and under his 2 Tech guys(Senior), 3 App Producer, 1 Marketing persons( Which helping to choose the marketing tools) - this is In-house team
3) Outsource App Developer
4) Outsource App/web Design Team
5) Outsource Web Developer
6) Outsource App Platform team (server team)
7) Outsource Testing team

i want to use scrum framework but kinda confuse when it comes to assign the primary scrum roles. i want forums help to divide these in a primary role (PO, Dev And SM) or if its not possible then how would i divide team in a best way possible.

Note: I'm currently practicing PSM I exam and i thing above practice will help me to understand the scrum better.

05:34 am October 5, 2015

The PO should be responsible for the whole mobile app. It should be one Person!
Build crossover teams (tester, senior developer, junior developer, marketing, etc. all are developers!)
Build one DoD.
Search also for Implementations like Scurm of Scrums or the Nexus.

Kind regards


07:55 am October 5, 2015

Two remarks that concern do not directly relate to you question:
- Outsourcing a project to contractors that are not co-located will add risk to the project
- If they are not familiar with Scrum, this can be a source of friction / disappointment. If they are not familiar with Scrum, I’d suggest to get them trained or even certified.
- Also keep in mind that your top management will also need to adapt to the new way of working

For the teams, I’s suggest an app/web team and a server team, both with dedicated Scrum master, certainly in the beginning. The testers can be distributed over these teams. If thee teams are too large, they can be split.

One PO should be responsible for the Product Backlog (since you have 1 product) , possible with assistance from within the teams. The PO probably comes from the digital team.

So, in short do not split the teams in design, development and testing as Benjamin suggested. It will make them interdependent -> waterfalling.

05:30 pm October 8, 2015

I think that having separate scrum teams for app/web and server will increase dependence between them. A guideline for large scale software development using scrum (nexus) is to have Product Backlog items with minimal dependencies and so I would suggest to divide the work based on features which are then taken by individual scrum teams with minimal or reduced dependence.

12:19 am October 16, 2015

My recommendation would be -

1. First thing, get a Scrum workshop done for the whole team ASAP

2. Don't keep a scrum team more than 7 +/- 2.

3. Divide the team based upon the features not on the technology.

4. Feeding multiple teams by one PO will be difficult, please have a BA allocated to each team who can support team and PO both.

5. Try to co-locate the teams at same place along with the PO.


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