I don't understand this question/answer of the open assesment

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by Sherwin Soriano
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11:34 am October 1, 2015


I don't really see any big difference between. May you help?

I try: stakeholder don't figure out what to do next, it it the scrum team according to PB priorities?



Which statement best describes the Sprint Review?

Correct answer: B)
You chose: C)
Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this test.

A) It is a mechanism to control the Development Team's activities during a Sprint.
Missed correct answer

B) It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect the outcome of a Sprint and figure out what to do next.
Incorrect answer

C)It is a demo at the end of the Sprint for everyone in the organization to check on the work done.

03:21 pm October 1, 2015

Don't you think that a Sprint Review ought to be *more* than just a demo? Remember it is an important inspect-and-adapt opportunity. So what sort of things do you think should be inspected and adapted in a Review?

07:48 am October 2, 2015

Hum. ok. it is more than a demo because the product has to be releasable=> working product. Then stakeholder and PO can test the product in real condition.

I would say : adapt the future PBI the product backlog, inspect the product, dependencies and that it is "done"...etc?

01:58 pm October 2, 2015

> I would say : adapt the future PBI the product
> backlog, inspect the product, dependencies
> and that it is "done"...etc? 

That's right, it is a review of the outcome of the Sprint and of the work that is left to do. Hence answer B is correct.

11:44 am October 3, 2015

Sprint Review is the biggest opportunity of inspect and adapt in the Scrum Framework.
And thus "B" is the obvious answer.

08:23 am October 9, 2019

B is correct as Sprint review is more than just demo of product.

01:33 pm October 9, 2019

The Sprint Review section in the Scrum Guide tells you exactly what the correct answer is.

04:37 am October 10, 2019

Just to add, when you say "Demo", you demonstrate or show something (either a capability or a product or a feature).

E.g. when apple do demo of iphone 11, the host does not have any Q&A afterwards

When you inspect and figure out what to do, I think there is some sort of feedback or Q&A on it.