Scrum of Scrums vs Nexus Daily Scrum

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10:22 am October 10, 2015

Hi all

One of the questions in the Nexus Open Assessments indicates that a Nexus Daily Scrum is not the same as a Scrum of Scrums. However, the remit of a Scrum of Scrums is not elucidated upon in the Nexus Guide, so the actual differences are a matter of conjecture. It is also possible that there are no differences at all and that a Scrum of Scrums is merely unrecognized in the Nexus scaling context.

The Nexus Daily Scrum puts the focus squarely on integration matters:
- Was the previous day’s work successfully integrated? If not, why not?
- What new dependencies have been identified?
- What information needs to be shared across teams in the Nexus

A Scrum of Scrums is unstandardized and its remit can vary. For example in Large Scale Scrum the following concerns are addressed:
- What did my team do that is relevant to other teams?
- What will my team do that is relevant?
- What are my team’s obstacles that other teams should know about or can help with?

In another commonly applied format, the emphasis is on facilitating release:

- What did my team do to improve the likelihood of a release being made?
- What will my team do next to ensure that a release will actually happen?
- What obstacles are there to making a release that other teams should know about or can help with?

Yet regardless of how a Scrum of Scrums is framed, it will invariably address the integration concerns that can inhibit release in a multi-team environment.

So, does anyone know of a resource where the differences between a Scrum of Scrums and the Nexus Daily Scrum are clearly accounted for?

02:35 pm October 10, 2015

First of all what you need to know is that:

"SoS" and "Nexus-Daily-Scrum" are different terms used by different frameworks for the "same purpose" and also the process of execution differs "and so" the end result.

In SoS again there are 2 variations which are SAFe SoS & LeSS SoS and even these are also used for the "same purpose" and also the process of execution differs even in this case "and so" the end result.

So, the keywords to concentrate here are:

"Same Purpose";
"Different Process" ... This will highlight what you are looking for ...
"Different End Results";

Bottomline to note is that the SoS is the most misunderstood/ineffectively implemented scaled scrum ceremony in the industry with poor end results.

03:09 pm February 15, 2016

For me visible difference is conducting nexus daily scrum before teams daily scrums - like putting clearly integration before team work.

08:46 am June 12, 2020

I may be mistaken but it sounds like the Scrum of Scrum Daily Scrum is more of a reporting mechanism if its taking place after the team daily scrums, whereas in Nexus if the Nexus daily scrum happens first then its inspect and adapt at a Nexus level.