PSM 1 Certified. My thoughts on passing the assessment

Last post 10:35 am November 2, 2015
by Anonymous
07:56 am October 31, 2015


I was able to pass PSM 1 assessment successfully in my first attempt.

To all those who are preparing for the exam, here a re few tips from my experience,

I had attended the PSM training a week back, but I won't say, it is mandatory to pass the PSM1 assessment. The training would give more idea on how to facilitate the scrum events and how to mentor/coach the scrum teams.

The following are mandatory for passing the assessment

a) Develop a thorough understanding of the Scrum guide. This guide is the ultimate tutor and whatever we are trying to learn outside of the scrum guide, is not necessary to pass the assessment.

b) Develop a strong understanding on concepts such as "Definition of Done", "Roles and Responsibilities of product Owner", "Roles and Responsibilities of development team" and "the scrum events".

c) Attend the open assessments provided by I had taken the open assessment for Scrum Fundamentals atleast 20 times and the one for Developer, atleast 10 times. I had not tried open assessments for Nexus and Product owner. I got about 8 - 10 questions from these assessments.

d) I had tried the assessments from EuropeanScrum and found them to be useful. We get 10 free attempts once we register. I used 7 of those. Those assessments were more difficult than the open assessments, but I have a few doubts on the answers provided for those questions.

e) During the assessment, please bookmark all those you are doubtful and move along. At the end, you will get enough time to reassess the bookmarked ones. You can relax, read the options again, read the scrum guide if required and decide on the answer.

Beyond this, I have not read any blogs, books or taken any assessments. I would advice not to do so while preparing for the actual assessment as it would cause confusion. The scrum guide is the one and only reference we need to pass the assessment.

Wish all of you the best.