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Sprint: time-boxed

Last post 08:05 am November 14, 2015 by Sanjay Saini
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05:34 am November 5, 2015

dear all,
Sprint: time-boxed event of 30 days, or less, in our company one month equal 22 working days, so what is sprint time box? is it 22 working days or 30 working days ??

thanks in advance

11:47 am November 5, 2015

Hi Ahmed,
it is the elapsed time, and must be less than 30 days (or 4 weeks elapsed time) to call it Scrum.
So if you have 22 working days in 30 elapsed days, it is a 30 day Sprint.
It is common to use a weekly cycle to give a rhythm and cadence to your Sprint, start on a Wednesday, finish on a Tuesday in 2 weeks time.

12:16 pm November 5, 2015


While the Scrum Guide states that sprint lengths are 1 month or less, almost all Scrum implementations establish sprint lengths at 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. A 30-day sprint length simply has too much variability to be effective, as sprints will consistently begin on different days of the week (including weekends!).

Determine what day of the week you want your sprints to begin. The recommended approach is to have sprints begin mid-week, as that avoids conflicts with Holidays and time-off (Mondays, Fridays). Then decide on your sprint duration (1-4 weeks).

There are advantages and disadvantages with each sprint length (1-4 weeks). Keep in mind that the 4-week sprint length creates a very long feedback loop between the business and the team, and is not as "Agile" as smaller sprint increments.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

01:51 am November 6, 2015

> what is sprint time box? is it 22 working days or 30 working days ?? 

It's the number of days it takes to close the release-and-feedback cycle. This is best measured in elapsed calendar days, and not just working days.

If you exclude *any* elapsed calendar day this is tantamount to asserting that the day cannot be used by you, your customers, or your competitors. This is rarely credible.

08:05 am November 14, 2015

BTW why are you going for monthly sprint, did you give a thought to weekly or two-weekly sprints. Also one week = one calendar week including holidays, Sat/Sun.

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