Question regarding the Scrum Master - Scrum Reference Card

Last post 10:52 am November 21, 2015
by Ian Mitchell
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09:55 am November 20, 2015

I'm preparing for my PSM assessment and found the following two items listed on a "Scrum Reference Card". These two items are located in a section titled "ScrumMaster".

Would you considered these responsibilities of a SrcumMaster?

- Captures empirical data to adjust forecasts
- Promotes improved engineering practices

Although I'm studying the Scrum Guide as the one source of truth I did get distracted with the reference card and want to ensure I avoid misinformation.


06:44 pm November 20, 2015

I think both of these are poorly worded or just flat out incorrect. MJ knows quite a bit about Scrum... but...

I think one could re-word to be closer to correct by saying...

- Coaches all on how to use Empirical planning and Empirical process control.
- Coaches the Scrum Team on how to increase their Definition of Done to have more stringent criteria for higher quality

MJ might also be one who doesn't give much deference to the Scrum Guide (I don't know) so... you might be careful with his materials.

10:52 am November 21, 2015

> Would you considered these responsibilities of a SrcumMaster? 
> - Captures empirical data to adjust forecasts 
> - Promotes improved engineering practices 

If I had to assess these supposed responsibilities, I would say "no" to the first and "yes" to the second.


- It isn't up to a Scrum Master to adjust any forecast
- Development teams with good engineering practices are more likely to be successful, and a good Scrum Master is a coach and facilitator to the team