Problem solving techniques

Last post 03:21 am December 24, 2015
by Anonymous
03:21 am December 24, 2015

Hello everyone!

I want to share my technique for problem solving, if you have comments or other ideas I will glad to read them.

Ok, lets try to remember or imagine that or colleague came and said: "it was the last straw, I couldn't wait any more their failing build!". In case like that I am using technique below:
1) Except blaming, teach to use I language ("I can't make the commit cause build too much time is failed")
2) Ask about the solution from colleague who came with compliant("How do you think we can solve that problem?")
3) Accept or reject the solution ("I think we need opinions from other colleagues")
4) Determine scope and criticality. Try to find more facts, driven by emotions we often exaggerate the problem is scope.
a) What is blocking by that?
b) How much it effects capacity?
c) How often?
d) How many colleagues suffer from that?
5) Organize meeting when the criticality is very high. (Using retrospective rules)