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PSM 3 sample questions feedback

Last post 11:27 pm December 13, 2022 by Dioumé Sangaré
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09:25 pm December 7, 2022

Hello everyone!

I'm coming to the end of my preparation for PSM 3 exam, and I've managed to find sample questions (some come from the following site , others are old, hence the "Developement team" instead of Developers), and I would like some feedback regarding my answers. Do you agree? Do you see something missing? What would you do differently?

Looking forward to reading your answers :) 


A Development Team, arguing it is self-organising, indicates it no longer needs the Daily Scrum; they collaborate throughout the day and they feel it has become a needless ritual.

Collaboration is not the only purpose of the Daily Scrum, it also helps bring transparency regarding where the Scrum Team stands at that point in the Sprint, and it brings focus to the team by inspecting the progress toward the Sprint Goal. Stopping the DS equals losing all those benefits, risking not working on valuable items and on the longer term not satisfying the customer.


Decisions to optimise value and control risk are made based on the perceived state of the artefacts. What events and practises can improve transparency over the artefacts? Explain why.

Scrum considers 3 artefacts : the Sprint Backlog, the Product Backlog, and the Increment. The events that can improve transparency over the artefacts are :

-the daily Scrum as the developers need to be transparent about their progress toward the Sprint Goal

-the Sprint Review as the Stakeholders and the Scrum Team are transparent about the Increment

-the Sprint, as the Product Owner is constantly working throughout the Sprint on the Product Backlog in order to make it as transparent as possible


What risk is introduced if not all Development Team members are present for the Daily Scrum?

The DS is a meeting where the Developers are transparent about their progress toward the Sprint Goal, inspect it and adapt their Sprint Backlog. If not all Developers are present, it could result in a wrong transparency, which in turn would result in wrong inspection and wrong adaptation. The Sprint Goal would hence be jeopardized.


A member of the organisation comes to you, the Scrum Master, asking for advice on how to organise the Scrum Teams for an upcoming project. He has the budget for approximately 15 developers and thinks this is too large for one team. What advice would you give him? What advice does Scrum have about Scrum Team size?

I would advise the member to privilege smaller to teams to have less complex interactions between the team members. As stated in the Scrum Guide and from my experience, a team with 10 people or less has better and more fluid communication.



The Product Owner on your Scrum Team says that he trusts the Developers completely. He empowers them to take ownership of stakeholder management, product backlog management and identifying a sprint goal. How do you, the Scrum Master, proceed?

First, I would encourage and congratulate the PO for trusting the developers. However, I would remind him that according to the Scrum Guide, even if he can delegate the stakeholder & PB management, those remain part of his accountabilities. As for the sprint goal, I would also tell him that, as a member of the Scrum team, he should collaborate with the Developers (and me) to identify the SG.


The Developers are regularly over-running the time-box for the Daily Scrum. Some of them appear actively bored. You notice that it is often one team member taking the majority of the time. How would you proceed?

First I would ensure that their DS  gets to the purpose of the DS (I&A toward the SG). If not I would remind them of this purpose, and tell them that they can choose any structure they want as long as they fulfill this purpose and stay within this timebox. I would then facilitate a workshop where the whole Developers could choose how they want to structure their DS.


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