Passed PSPO1

Last post 07:06 am January 16, 2016
by Anonymous
07:06 am January 16, 2016

Hello all!

I must say, I'm very happy because yes, I did the course, but I have very short experience in product development and "value maximizing" and business. A lot of terms were absolutely new for me like ROI or TCO.. And I'm experiencing real scrum just since three months..

My study tips:

- Read the Scrum Guide many times. try to think about it and question things that are not explicitly written there.
- do the open assessments, the Scrum Open and PO Open. many many times that you always get complete score and don't need time to think about them anymore. and read the feedback on the questions.
- if you did a course, read the documents.

So I passed the PSPO1. What would you recommend for me so I can develop myself in areas like value maximizing?

Since I didn't read the recommended books, which one of them is the best regarding this?

Thank in advance and good luck to all of those who want to take the assessment.