PSPO II - Self Study Tips: Any to Share?

Last post 08:22 am January 16, 2016
by Anonymous
08:22 am January 16, 2016

Hello everyone,

I would like to take the PSPO II assessment but for time and budget reasons I may not be able to enroll in a training course.

I was wondering if anybody passed the PSPO II without training. In case, which suggestions/recommendations would you offer?

I am not asking for sample questions, but if you have some hints on how the PSPO II question may differ from the PSPO I, in terms of complexity, it would be very beneficial.

On my side, I have some organizational behaviour, hr, leadership background (from business administration studies) plus IT / Computer engineering (studies + professional experience), including some project / product management related (though I am aware Scrum is not about traditional PM).

Many thanks in advance!