A question about sprint feature

Last post 01:41 pm February 1, 2016
by Ian Mitchell
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10:39 am February 1, 2016

Good morming

At the end of the last sprint , the PO address to the release for the client. The product is ready according to the definition of done but the client requests a small adjustment in one of the features. What should I do in this case? Especially, if the development team informs they can make this adjustment within 24 hours which would result in 3 days of work. Thus it would not require a full sprint but only 3 more days. What should be done then?

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01:41 pm February 1, 2016

What you don't do is to extend the sprint. The timebox must be observed and respected.

Scrum does not forbid making a release part-way through a sprint. One option therefore is to plan to make the adjustment in the next sprint and effect a release following an ad-hoc review.