How Long is the Password valid? PSM1 Assessment

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04:04 pm February 23, 2016

Hi All,

I'm looking to buy a single attempt for the PSM1 assessment. Does anyone know how long the password they send you is valid for?

For personal reasons I'm keen to pay entry for the assessment before the end of the month but am not yet ready for the exam.

Many Thanks if you are able to help.


02:25 am February 24, 2016


08:29 am February 24, 2016

Hi Matthew,

In 2013, the password was valid for 14 days.
Hope it helps

Good luck

09:13 am February 24, 2016

Hello Matthew, et. al.,

Thank you for your interest in! Please kindly note that Professional-Level Assessment passwords no longer have expiration dates.

You may also find answers to other frequently asked questions at our Support Center here:

Enjoy your day!

11:28 am February 24, 2016

Thanks for your response Oliver.

11:29 am February 24, 2016

Thanks Rishi

11:30 am February 24, 2016

Thanks very much for the fast informative response.

12:03 pm November 8, 2019

whether the password is for single attempt?