Open source Tool to manage scrum Project

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by Troy Osaka
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07:01 am March 1, 2016

Is there any open source Tool ( similar to JIRA) available in the market to manage scrum projects.

10:49 am March 1, 2016

From your reading of the Scrum Guide, do you think it is reasonable to have a Scrum "project" which is managed by tools at all?

12:31 am March 2, 2016

Though Tool is not mandatory, To startup with creation of backlog item, tracking the backlog with sprint backlog item and its corresponding task, I thought Tools would ease my work.

02:06 am March 2, 2016

Posted By Ian Mitchell on 01 Mar 2016 10:49 AM
From your reading of the Scrum Guide, do you think it is reasonable to have a Scrum "project" which is managed by tools at all?

"managed" by tool is a wrong word. Maybe we can use the phase "Coordinated through" tool.

Theoretically, you mayn't need a tool to coordinate as scrum encourages F2F discussion. However, in real life scenario, you need to take into consideration your org's location strategy. For example, it's not uncommon to see a product owner seating in HQ or client location, and dev team seating remotely somewhere - interacting over phone or video calls.

This mayn't be an ideal scenario, but that's reality. In such scenario, having a tool (preferably web based) to manage your backlogs, record progress & display charts is nice addition & helps to minimize waste that goes towards coordination otherwise. I'll not say such tool is absolutely needed for a scrum project - you can do it with even a excel in shared location or with no tool at all - but having a nice tool does make life easier.

Coming to original question, do you need a open source tool to customize it? If so, you can even use a issue tracker like mantis or bugzilla and hack the codebase to suite your needs.

Commercial agile tools like Rally exposes REST API to customize reports etc. You can use TFS - I believe it too provides customization options as well.

There will be many open source agile tools (even free) available - you can just google & find out. However, most of them doesn't have wide use & hence may not be stable enough for production use.

11:49 pm March 2, 2016

Accept your comments reg usage of manage word.
Even before t posted this topic, did googling as well.
I thought I can get better Info from people who are using it day in and day out.
Thanks for your detalied explanation.

05:42 pm March 4, 2016

Hi Dhevendran,

In our team we use VersionOne to track Sprint velocity, backlog progress. VersionOne also supports graphical representation of progress of the Sprint. Hope this helps.


10:06 am March 14, 2016

Is Version one freeware?. When I saw the site, it says try it for free. since, am not able browse further from my comp, I did not try it further.

05:16 pm March 14, 2016

We use Redmine with a Scrum plugin. Works fine and we use for estimating the stories. Both is open source.

08:33 am March 15, 2016

We use a wall with post it notes and a whiteboard for on-site teams and we use for distributed teams. But remember that Scrum is an agile development framework so the tools and documentation are simply not very important, especially if your organisation is not working in an agile way. I have found that anything that is transparent and simple to use is fine - the path to understanding and application of Agile development principles should lead your choices. Which tools you need should follow from that.

09:22 am March 15, 2016

We use Kunagi. It is a web based open source tool to manage product backlog, sprint backlog, sprints. Show burndown charts during the sprint, integrating scrum poker in or before the sprint planning and so on. I think it is a lightweight product, which can be used relatively easy.

04:16 am March 18, 2016

Trello is a really simple tool for creating virtual sprint post it note boards. There are Google Chrome plug ins for adding estimates to stories and creating burn down charts etc.

02:51 pm January 29, 2020

we use zentao as Open source Tool to manage scrum Project. ZenTao is very flexible, you can customize your workflow to your needs with different views and settings.

01:53 pm December 3, 2020

We are a team from Japan. And as we just tried Zentao, by implementing an App development in it for our team. I have to say our team had such a great experience. It's a great Scrum tool and three roles (PO, SM and team) of it have been defined precisely. We breakdown product backlog ( so-called as story in zentao) into tasks, write test cases and report bugs based on story as well so that we could track story within the whole application lifecycle.