New Certifications & Renaming PSM

Last post 11:45 am March 7, 2016
by Anonymous
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11:00 pm March 4, 2016

Hi Team,

I have following questions to support & marketing teams:

1. As per prior info you were planning to launch PSP certification in this quarter, is this plan still in place?

2. Are you planning to provide/relaunch Scrum Practitioner Open assessment to cater to the need of PSP anytime soon?

3. As per my understanding you are planning to rename the PSM series certifications by placing PSP between PSM I & PSM II like PSM I-> PSM, PSP, PSM II-> PSE, when you are planning to make it public. I see many PSTs have started using PSE in their profile in place of PSM II then why you are not making it public?

4. Kindly add a pictorial view of different certifications from that can help anyone in visualizing their career path & plan their career accordingly. Similar to something what Scrum Alliance at the link or Disciplined Agile Consortium at has depicted.


11:45 am March 7, 2016

Hello Pradip, thank you for your questions. We are working on plans for expanding our assessments/certifications and will provide more details on our site in the near future (Note: We do not have a release date set at this time). As for your request to show better visualization depicting our certifications and relevant career paths, we are also redesigning our website, (see for the first blog about the redesign) and your suggestions will be taken into account. Thank you for your continued interest in and also for your input, Pradip! Enjoy your day.