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Certification PSPO then PSM

Last post 03:40 pm October 13, 2019 by Hang Le Thi
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03:20 am March 8, 2016

Hello everyone,

I passed with success yesterday the PSPO 1 certification.
I would like to know if the PSM certification was usefull to get ?
I would also like to know if i could answer correctly the PSM question with my PSPO course ?

What are the differences ? Does the free Scrum Assesment is the only source of mock question ?


04:38 am March 9, 2016

Hello Jean-Pascal,

"I would like to know if the PSM certification was usefull to get ?"
Well, it's depend on you. What is your personnal goal ?

07:33 am March 9, 2016


I have a different problem here. I need to know more product owner assessment. Could anyone help me with some queries?

1. I have very good understanding of Scrum and can answer typical questions about Product Owner, like their role, rules, and product backlog. Is that knowledge enough? If no, what would be additional knowledge needed and how many questions will be on that additional knowledge?

2. So far I thought there was only Product Backlog to manage the needs around Product. But, every book on PO talks highly of three other things: Vision, Road Map, Release Plan. What is the scrum definition of each of them?(because I don't see any of it in scrum guide). What is their format?

3.Why is “User Stories Applied” is recommended as a book in for PSPO? Do we need to know about User Stories for the assessment?

4. I see that 'Release Planning' as a big topic in PSPO training. What is covered there under release planning?


03:23 pm March 9, 2016


See here for more study advice:

07:52 am March 10, 2016


i successfully passed last sunday the PSM 1 and yesterday the PSPO 1, both at the first try. Since i got some good tips through this forum I think it is time for me to thank and help other people with my experience.

If you want to take PSPO 1 or PSM 1 it is totally to you and your goal. Personally I think that the exams are pretty similar and not much different. Just a few more product owner focused the PSPO, but questions are not so much more complicate from what you see in the open assessment in the scrum website. Yet if you pass PSM 1 you are definitely good to pass the PSPO 1 or viceversa.

I also suggest not to lose too much time in books and so on. They will only confuse you more I did not go through any of them. Just focus on the scrum guide, all you need for both exams is in there or in this community. You have very smart people here.

Do all the scrum assessment: PSM, PSPO, Nexus and developer. Be able to complete all of them many times with 100% and in 5 minutes. They also explain you each question for better understanding. Compare answers with what is written on the scrum guide.You might find some of these questions in the exam.

I definitely suggest the link from Charles: which gives some good tips and really helped me on answering some difficult questions on Product Owner yesterday :)
For PO also give a look at the cone of uncertainty.

I also suggest this link i found in these forums which leads you to some additional tests:…
Not all the questions have the answers but work out to understand them with the scrum guide. System also does not tell you which one you made wrong, but practice and collect your answers until you have all of them done correctly. It is a good exercise.

Finally i simulated my exam through management plaza. The simulation only package is not that expensive and you can simulate a real exam at it provide usefull explanation. It helps me quite a lot to understand better some questions and manage my time.

This is all i did for both exams.Hope this helps.

Good luck to everybody.

08:43 am March 10, 2016

Thanks Charles and Filippo.
This eases my anxiety.


Did you find any questions on any of these - Vision, Road map, Release plan, Lean, User Story ?
What were the questions like?
Thanks a bunch

10:14 am March 10, 2016

Unfortunately I cannot tell you questions or how they look like as per my understanding of the forum policy. However I think you might encounter some questions related to those topics.

I found in management plaza simulations some explanation on them but i think you can easily clear them up also through the link proposed above.

However based on my understanding I can tell you that a good product vision helps to give a clear direction to the team so they can focus more on job and craft a better sprint goal.

Yet release plan is optional in scrum. It is good practice to use it but it is not mandatory. Releases are up to PO and he/she can do it whenever it makes sense and anyway it might help him/her in measuring the project performances which is Product owner responsibility.

Similarly using stories is a good agile practice that PO can use but it is not mandatory.

07:03 pm December 25, 2017

Are there any subject areas that are part of PSM I which are not in PSPO I?

In other words - does good preparation for PSPO guarantees passing PSM I or there is some other study required?

01:00 am October 13, 2019

Hi Guys. I am a junior PO role, and I am planning to take PSPO exam this year? As I read from your leaving comments, I see that it is possible to take PSPO without needing to take PSM or PSD as some person says, PSPO is harder than PSD so we need to take PSD first? I am starting to find and read all the relative info, document, tips to start making a stratergy for my self. It is so happy to see your experience about taking exam here. Thanks