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Cleared PSM I with 96.5%

Last post 03:24 am March 8, 2016 by Anonymous
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03:24 am March 8, 2016

I would like to take this Opportunity to thank you all who have posted proper suggestions to get clear this certification . I have followed the same and confident on my appearing.

I have completed Total 80 questions within 35 minutes out which I have bookmarked 28 questions( which i have a small doubt). While reviewing them 2nd time, I din't changed much of them may 1 or 2 I have changed the answers , remaining all keep as it is.

I would like to suggest the people who are going to appear for this exam , Please treat Scrum guide as "Bible" , try to understand each word mentioned in this guide as its own importance and try to map with implementation in real scrum world.

I have a very little experience in scrum framework and i had an assumption that my project which am working on fully scrum based but after going through the guide and realized that my project is not even following 30% actual scrum rules. There are lot of gaps which I need to be taken care to make allign with scrum process.

Following simulated assessments , I have attempted prior to attempt actual assessment. I am not forcing you to attempt all these but I got confidence after attempting these questions.

a) Open assessments - PSM & PSPO - as many time where I can get consistently getting 100% with in 5 minutes.
b) Attempted Learning/real mode to get consistent 100% in
c) Did attempted in
d) Attempted from ""- Some of questions are not alligned with our scrum guide , pl be aware on them.
e) Attempted demo from ""
f) Gone through "" , pdf guide and attempted sample questions in them.

May be above my post help for new learners who wants be PSM.